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Arrowtown Golf Club
It may be the first day of spring but the wind out here will cut you in half. If you are coming out for a hit dress warmly.


COW Medal tomorrow gents, normal start time at midday. Your hosts in the window are Bill Churstain and Rob Oakes. The two's jackpot starts again after Granville and Paddy shared the pot last week.
Cadrona Cup points restart  again tomorrow, the two leaders Chris Cockrane and Jono Jackson lead by a lot.
The Interclub team played at Cromwell last week, they finished mid pack and need some better results in the next few rounds.
The Presidents grade pennant team had a half with Queenstown which was a good effort away.


Women goes to the local newspaper office to see that the Obituary for her recently deceased husband is published.

The Editor informs her that there is a charge of one pound per word, She pauses, reflects, and then says,

"Well then, let it read : Fred Brown died."

Amused at the Womans thrift, the Editor tells her that there is a seven word minimum for all Obituaries.

She thinks it over and in a few seconds says, " In that case , let it read: Fred Brown died.... golf clubs for sale.

Hope to see you out here tomorrow